Knowledge Pods

DATE: November 9, 2021

TIME: 2:15 - 2:55 pm ET | 11:15 - 11:55 am PT

Join us at these interactive sessions designed to foster shared learning. Improve yourself, your company and make a meaningful impact through your work.

  • Knowledge Pod #1: Member Toolbox: Finding The Right Tools For Your Supplier Diversity Program (Closed-door session - Corporate Members only)
  • Knowledge Pod #2: Find RFPs, Write Proposals To Win & New B2G Business Tips! (Closed-door session - Certified WBEs only)
  • Knowledge Pod #3: Multicultural Digital Marketing: Practice Story Sharing
  • Knowledge Pod #4: Emotional Intelligence: Today’s Leadership Superpower

Knowledge Pod #1:

Member Toolbox: Finding The Right Tools For Your Supplier Diversity Program

(Closed-door session - Corporate Members only)

With Catherine Grosz, Corporate Membership Manager, WBE Canada - Moderator
Jamie Crump, Lead Consultant, Supplier Diversity Accelerator & CEO, The Richwell Group
Jennifer Popowycz, Certification Manager, WBE Canada
Justin Talbot-Stern, CEO, B2Gnow

Sponsored by: WBE Canada

WBE Canada provides access to powerful and time saving tools, resources, and benefits to support the SD programs of corporate and government members. Whether you are just starting on your journey, moving your SD program into Canada or taking your existing program to the next level, learn how our team of experts can support your journey at any stage. Come meet the team supporting the tools for corporate and government members: our in-house supplier diversity professional, WBE certification specialist, supplier diversity professional consultant, and our data reporting consultant.

Find out what you can take back to the office tomorrow that you don’t have in your toolkit today and ensure you are getting optimum value from your WBE Canada membership. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ensure you are taking full advantage of the many benefits offered by WBE Canada’s Corporate and Government Membership.

Catherine Grosz

Catherine Grosz

Catherine joined WBE Canada team in January 2021 after an extensive and exciting career with BMO Financial Group where she held a variety of positions, including Manager of their Supplier Diversity Program. Today, Catherine’s role is to support adoption and growth of supplier diversity programs as WBE Canada's Manager of Corporate Membership.

Catherine was honoured as one of Canada’s 2015 Top 10 Influential Women in HR & Diversity by DiversityCan Magazine. In September 2018 WBE Canada acknowledged Catherine as Supplier Diversity Leader of the Year. She was also selected as a 2019 Top 25 Women in Power Impacting Diversity from DiversityPlus Magazine.

Jamie Crump

Jamie Crump

Jamie Crump has focused her career in strategic sourcing and supplier diversity across a variety of industries including: banking, catastrophic insurance, heavy equipment rental, IT, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and welding and medical supply. A frequent speaker at sourcing, supplier diversity and leadership events across the U.S. and Canada, Jamie has also been responsible for strategic sourcing, business services and operations, software development, capacity provisioning, and supplier diversity over the course of her career. Crump is the author of Backstage Pass: Pulling the Curtain Back on the Business of Supplier Diversity, that takes a look at how supplier diversity interacts with other areas of business or cast members. Termed the missing business strategy, she shows how a supplier diversity business strategy makes a company more competitive and profitable.

Jennifer Popowycz

Jennifer Popowycz

Jennifer, as Manager of Certification, is responsible for certification and recertification processing and oversees WBE Canada’s database. Her role is to ensure that only eligible businesses receive WBE Canada certification stamp and assists new applicants through the application process. She is an ex-officio member of Certification Committee.

Justin Talbot-Stern

Justin Talbot-Stern

Justin Talbot-Stern is the Chief Executive Officer of B2Gnow and the system architect of its software platform. B2Gnow provides software to 300 of the largest governments and corporations in North America to track participation of small and disadvantaged businesses in their contracting programs and ensure their compliance with complex federal and local laws. Organizations are able to measure and assess the impact of small business programs in their communities, thereby quantifying the creation of local jobs and business development through tax-funded projects. The company's growth has been recognized for eight years on the Inc 5000 list (2013 – 2020).

Knowledge Pod #2:

Find RFPs, Write Proposals To Win & New B2G Business Tips!

(Closed-door session - Certified WBEs only)

With Andrea Robinson, Founder, President & CEO of Robinson Global Management (RGM)
Remarks by Eric Miller, Vice President, CTDI Products Division

Sponsored by: CTDI

This break-out session will be a brief introduction for WBE’s who have an interest in offering commonly procured services or goods to government entities, but who may have limited or unsuccessful experience with finding RFPs, writing proposals, or closing the deal, once selected for a contract. Andrea will provide quick eye-opening tips on how to find RFP’s that are commonly procured by governments that align to your business offerings, plus highlight some time savers for the busy owners. She will also offer advice on how to put your best foot forward and be more successful in your proposal pursuits! Andrea’s team at RGM are professional government procurement consultants, working with municipalities, provinces, and federal governments across Canada and beyond. RGM, additionally supports the business community with proposal support services. We look forward to seeing you at this session!

What you will learn:

  • How to find RFP’s
  • How to utilize your WBE Certification to the max in the bidding process
  • How to increase your success and responsiveness to RFP requirements in your proposals
  • How to avoid instances of non-compliances, disqualifications, or loss of significant points in your proposals
  • The importance of utilizing the question-and-answer process during the open period
  • How to respond to requests for clarifications effectively during the evaluation process
  • Tips on how WBE’s can be good unsuccessful proponents

Andrea Robinson

Andrea Robinson

Andrea is the Founder, President & CEO of Robinson Global Management (RGM). RGM is a Women Business Enterprise of Canada Certified, and a Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council Certified company. Through her role with RGM, Andrea received a 2020 WBE Canada Leader Award for exemplary leadership and community contribution and received the 2019 WBE Canada Rising Star Award for economic, business, and innovative impact in the diverse supplier community.

Andrea has advised on public procurement initiatives worth a combined total of $65+ Billion (CAD). Her experience includes delivering independent Fairness Commissioner services, Project Procurement Management, Proposal Development and Evaluation services, Contract Negotiation & Management, Bid and Contract Dispute Resolution; and providing Independent Opinions services in the above.

Eric Miller

Eric Miller

Eric Miller is Vice President of CTDI’s Products Supply Division. In this role he is focused on maximizing CTDI's strategic technical and logistical services to CTDI’s worldwide customer base, with an emphasis on innovative new products and accessories supply chain management and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Solutions. He also serves as Corporate lead supporting CTDI’s Diversity program activities. Under Eric's leadership, CTDI has achieved new levels, providing innovative, best-in-class "End to End" Supply Chain Management, equipment and services solutions.

Eric also supports and participates in numerous volunteer and community organizations, and currently serves on various local Non-Profit boards and committees.

Knowledge Pod #3:

Multicultural Digital Marketing Practice Story Sharing

With Ching Chiu, Managing Director, Megafone Media
Remarks by Edet Umoafia, Lead, Supplier Diversity Development Program and Senior Buyer, Tooling & Components, ABC Technologies

Sponsored by: ABC Technologies

How using the right word in-language or a cultured gesture in an ad can make or break your campaign. Join this session to learn best practices, and the Dos and Don’ts when advertising to the multicultural audience in Canada and overseas.

Ching Chiu

Ching Chiu

The visionary and founder of Megafone Media. A Canadian owned and operated digital company, Megafone Media is the #1 multicultural digital company in Canada, serving top tier clients in the financial, luxury, government, and automotive sectors to name just a few.

Ching has over 25 years of advertising and digital experience in Asia and Canada. And is a sought-out expert on current ethnic digital challenges and opportunities. She developed the first ethnic digital benchmark dashboard in North America. Ching came to Canada 15 years ago from Taiwan as a foreign student. She is now a proud Canadian citizen contributing to Canada’s business diversity and wealth. She currently employs 10 Canadians on her team.

Edet Umoafia

Edet Umoafia

Edet Umoafia is the Senior Buyer at ABC Technologies for Tooling and Components as well as Lead for the Supplier Diversity Development Program. He is accountable for sourcing to Certified Suppliers and initiatives related to supply chain management and inclusion.

Edet is a member of ISM and previously nominated by CAMSC for the “Procurement Business Advocate of the Year” Award. As a contribution of his efforts, ABC has won awards such as: Nissan Supplier Diversity Award, WBE Canada Supplier Diversity Leader, and Corporation of the Year. Outside of work, Edet loves to travel, read, play soccer, and contribute to community initiatives.

Knowledge Pod #4:

Emotional Intelligence: Today’s Leadership Superpower

With Carolyn Stern, President & CEO, EI Experience
Remarks by Zamira Aliko, Vice President, Strategy & Transactions, EY

Sponsored by: EY

It’s time for an emotional revolution. Emotions matter and your employees’ emotional well-being is impacting your organization, for better or for worse. It’s never too early or late to develop your EI, and the good news is that emotional intelligence can be learned, developed, and enhanced.

Research has shown that emotional intelligence is the critical skill exceptional managers use to get the best results from their teams. Tuning into emotions is the key to effectively managing today’s multi-generational, diverse, and virtual workforce, and incorporating EI into your repertoire will take your leadership skills to new heights. Quite simply, EI is the leadership superpower today’s managers need to boost productivity and employee engagement.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover why emotional intelligence is critical to leadership.
  • Recognize how our emotional well-being impacts our leadership effectiveness.
  • Learn how to find solutions to problems when emotions are involved during times of stress, uncertainty, and change.

Carolyn Stern

Carolyn Stern

Carolyn Stern, President and CEO of EI Experience, is a university professor, corporate trainer, certified Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Expert, author, and professional speaker. Passionate about the importance of emotional intelligence, leadership development, and team building in the workplace, Carolyn helped pioneer the evolution of emotional intelligence as a leadership superpower to help professionals get unstuck, maximize potential and achieve more. Her engaging, results-based approach will motivate and inspire participants to apply the power of emotional intelligence to their own leadership, transforming the organization and unlocking unlimited opportunities in your business.

Zamira Aliko

Zamira Aliko

Zamira is a Vice President in EY’s Lead Advisory Group with over 12 years of corporate finance experience. As a member of the M&A team, Zamira provides transaction advisory services to mid-market clients on mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, capital raising activities and restructuring. Prior to joining the M&A team in Toronto, Zamira worked at the EY office in Charlotte in the capital raising practice and prior to that she worked in the EY valuation practice in Detroit Michigan.