Knowledge Pods

DATE: November 9, 2020

TIME: 3:35 - 4:10 pm ET | 12:35 - 1:10 pm PT

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~ Albert Einstein

Take it a step further. Learn, improve and scale up to amplify your impact. Join us at these interactive sessions designed to foster shared learning.

  • Knowledge Pod #4: What Stops Women From Exporting Across The Border?
  • Knowledge Pod #5: The Desperation Or Superpower Of Employee Engagement
  • Knowledge Pod #6: Working Remotely: High Performance During High Stress

Knowledge Pod #4:

What Stops Women From Exporting Across The Border?

By Kim Ades, Frame of Mind Coaching & Jennifer Cooke, EDC

We know that businesses traditionally grow by leaps and bounds when they gain access to global markets. We also know that there’s still a gender gap: a disproportionate number of businesses that export are owned by men. The question is why? Why are women-owned businesses less likely to export, and what are the steps we need to take to leverage new markets?

Join Kim Ades (President of Frame of Mind Coaching) and Jennifer Cooke (Corporate Lead of Women in Trade for Export Development Canada) as they have an in-depth conversation about what actually prevents women from exporting, the benefits of exporting and the specific steps needed to get it done.

During this session, you will learn the answers to the exporting questions you’ve been too afraid to ask. You’ll gain super practical takeaways that you can apply to your own business. And you’ll do so in a highly engaging and interactive environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the barriers to entry that women typically face when exporting.
  • Discover how exporting can dramatically transform your company.
  • Learn the steps required to access new global markets.
Sponsored by:

Kim Ades

Kim Ades is the President and Founder of Frame of Mind CoachingTM and JournalEngineTM Software. Recognized as an expert in the area of thought mastery and mental toughness, Kim uses her unique philosophy and quirky coaching style to help business owners and leaders identify their personal blind spots and shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and mom of five, Kim's claim to fame is teaching her powerful Frame of Mind CoachingTM process to leaders, parents and influencers worldwide. She has been exporting her services for the past 16 years.

Jennifer Cooke

Jennifer Cooke joined EDC in 2010 to work directly with Canadian companies and help them succeed in international markets. As a previous entrepreneur herself, she believes strongly in the untapped potential to expand Canada’s economy by empowering more women entrepreneurs to reach and scale beyond borders. As the Corporate Lead for EDC’s Women in Trade Strategy, her prime focus is on helping more women export to grow their business. She is dedicated to removing barriers and providing Canadian women-owned companies the knowledge, expertise and capital they need to go global and make their mark in international markets. EDC equips Canadian companies with the tools they need - the knowledge, financing solutions, investments, insurance and connections - to take on the world with confidence.

Knowledge Pod #5:

The Superpower Of Employee Engagement: Why 21st Century Leaders Cannot Accelerate Innovation, Adaptability and Growth Without It

by Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, Spark Engagement

The world is changing. Rapidly. Yet, leadership practices remain rooted in the industrial age. Top-down driven organizations are less nimble and responsive. The gap is quickly widening between employees and leaders, threatening an organization's ability to accelerate growth and thrive, especially in challenging environments. In an IP-based, tech economy with speed to market being paramount, top-down driven organizations fail - talent turnover becomes unbearable and expensive, work done in teams requires self-driving passion, and massive drag is created, if employees are not personally impassioned.

What are our options? We need to reverse our focus and build organizations around individual engagement and personal accountability to create the strong foundation required to scale and thrive and maintain momentum with certainty.

Learn which 21st century leadership practices will build an innovative, engaged workforce from the ground up, while bringing a 20-40% improvement to your productivity and performance measures.

Walk away with actionable insight:

  • 5 critical leadership practices
  • Easy-to-apply, science-based engagement model
  • 3 core principles to manage accountability that will get your organization do drive itself - the only workable model in the modern economy
Sponsored by:

Jacqueline Throop-Robinson

Jacqueline Throop-Robinson

Jacqueline Throop-Robinson is the founder of Spark Engagement Inc., a global analytics company in Human Resources, focusing on employee engagement.

Jacqueline’s 30-year career has focused on uplifting leaders and inspiring passionate engagement at all levels of an organization. As a best-selling author of Fire Up Your Team: 50 Ways for Leaders to Connect, Collaborate and Create with their Teams (2013), Jacqueline strives to create cultures of passion, productivity and performance. Her book has been described by one reviewer as "The most important personal development book you'll read all year."

Jacqueline is a multiple RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards nominee and is represented by the National Speaker’s Bureau, Jacqueline shares thought-provoking insights, research and actionable advice on the principles of “Personal to Organizational Engagement”. Her clients include a range of industries. Jacqueline has worked throughout North America as well as abroad, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, and Bermuda.

Knowledge Pod #6:

Working Remotely: High Performance During High Stress

by Dr. Shawne Duperon

Let’s face it. We’re all conducting the world’s most massive work-from-home experiment. From exploring new work structures to finding focus while submerged in family dynamics, to setting up team expectations, how do you recognize strategies that foster high performance during high stress?

Join Dr. Shawne Duperon as she helps you decode distinctions between risk-taking and the mental anguish of ambiguity, and why so many of us are struggling with productivity, creativity, and exhaustion. You’ll add some new tools to your remote learning experiment that raise solution-focused communication and engagement for yourself and your remote teams.

Sponsored by:

Jacqueline Throop-Robinson

Dr. Shawne Duperon

With a PhD in gossip and social media reach topping 100 million per month, Dr. Shawne Duperon is considered to be one of the most disruptive, high-performance consultants on communication today.

You’ve seen this Six-Time EMMY® winner featured in major media including: CNN, Inc Magazine, and USA Today.

Applying gossip theory, she caused a leadership movement on forgiveness to go viral, garnering the honor of a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination.