Knowledge Pods

DATE: November 9, 2020

TIME: 4:10 - 4:45 pm ET | 1:10 - 1:45 pm PT

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. ~ Leo Tolstoy

Change on the macro scale starts on the micro scale. Select from these interactive sessions designed to foster shared learning to continue transformation in your own life, business or organization.

  • Knowledge Pod #7: Rewiring for Resilience
  • Knowledge Pod #8: Building a Culture of Accountability
  • Knowledge Pod #9: To be announced

Knowledge Pod #7:

Rewiring for Resilience

By Corey Atkinson, CSPN

Resilience is defined as the ability of an individual to absorb energy and release that energy to spring back to our original shape. In today’s ever-changing business environment, resiliency has become a critical skill for everyone in an organization to master. With constant changes, increasing customer expectations, and new technology tools created every day, organizations must ensure they are providing a sustainable framework to support their people in the ability to manage change and bounce back from every obstacle.

Actionable Insights

  • Improved ability to change thinking patterns
  • Deeper understanding and usage of mindfulness
  • Strategies to refocus, recharge, and reboot daily
Sponsored by:

Corey Atkinson

Corey Atkinson, VP of Strategic Learning & Development at CSPN is a professional speaker who has been delivering impactful presentations and helping companies create result-focused alignment between learning and increased results for over 20 years. All of Corey’s presentations contain powerful stories to engage the audience, but he also shares various strategies that have been proven to create enormous success for individuals, teams, and organizations. He has an authentic presence and presentation style that will connect with everyone in the room leaving them engaged, enlightened and empowered.

Many presenters have expert knowledge, but very few, if any, can bring a passion for a topic and the audience like Corey. He consistently brings unique perspectives and an unlimited amount of strategies to connect and get the audience thinking and sharing.

What sets Corey’s presentations apart from the rest is that he connects the message with the audience from beginning to end. This allows for:

  • Deeper learning and buy-in
  • An experience and messaging that resonates with attendees
  • Increased understanding of how content can be applied in the future

Knowledge Pod #8:

Building a Culture of Accountability

By Glain Roberts-McCabe, The Roundtable

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic some teams thrived while some teams stumbled. The critical differentiator? A performance-based culture where accountabilities and expectations were clear. In this session, you'll learn:

  • the building blocks of a high performance culture
  • the 4 leadership behaviours you need to demonstrate to create a culture of accountability
  • how focusing on outcomes enables everyone to be a high performer
Sponsored by:

Glain Roberts-McCabe

Glain Roberts-McCabe and her team at The Roundtable help ambitious leaders and organizations navigate change, disruption and growth. Together, leaders build trusted relationships, troubleshoot real problems, accelerate opportunities and develop the superior coaching skills needed to enable successful transformation, collectively.

Through their innovative and multi-award winning Roundtable peer-to-peer coaching and mentoring programs and their “leaders teaching leaders” community, the Roundtable is reimagining the traditional consulting firm model. In 2014, The Roundtable for Leaders peer coaching program, developed in collaboration with PepsiCo Foods Canada, was awarded the prestigious Gold Award at the Canadian Awards of Training Excellence.

An active volunteer, Glain is a mentor with the Institute for Performance and Learning. Glain lives in Toronto with her incredibly supportive husband and highly engaging daughter.