Call For Nominations

WBE Canada 2020 Excellence Awards nominations are OPEN!

Event date: November 9-10, 2020
Accepting nominations: through June 30, 2020

WBE Canada is seeking awards nominations for its 11th Annual Conference. All nominations are due June 30, 2020.

Why Apply?

  • Help WBE Canada showcase and celebrate achievements in supplier diversity in Canada among event attendees and public
  • Raise your visibility within our community of Canadian women owned businesses and Corporate/Government organizations
  • Make valuable contacts and increase your sales opportunities

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

Top Corporation in Supplier Diversity

This category recognizes a WBE Canada Corporate Member who is making a distinct and describable difference in the advancement of Supplier Diversity in Canada.

The recipient of this award is an organization acting as a leader in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to growth, opportunities, visibility, and participation.

  • Organization must have membership with WBE Canada and active supplier diversity program
  • Organization identifies, awards and continually increases procurement opportunities for women business owners
  • Demonstrated measurable improvement directly impacting Canadian WBEs

Top WBE Supplier

This category recognizes a certified women-owned business which demonstrated excellence in business and support for other women owned businesses.

The recipient of this award achieved business growth, impacted the economy and showed dedication to supporting other women owned businesses.

  • Company must be Certified WBE in good standing with WBE Canada
  • Is current on industry trends and incorporates best practices in business operations
  • Offers exemplary customer service
  • Conducts business with other women entrepreneurs

Supplier Diversity Leader

This category recognizes a procurement professional within WBE Canada’s Corporate Membership who is a champion among peers.

This individual shows tremendous leadership while leveraging innovation to advance supplier diversity. A role model internally with colleagues and externally with vendor partners, this individual is a visible champion in the supplier diversity community as well as their respective industry.

  • Individual who works for Corporate Member Organization
  • Demonstrates extraordinary leadership in promoting Canadian women owned businesses
  • Role model internally and externally to champion supplier diversity

WBE Rising Star

Awarded to a certified WBE who, within their first 3 years of certification, has demonstrated significant achievements or progress

This company shows quick implementation combined with business acumen and active involvement in the WBE Canada community.

  • Certified WBE Company within first 3 years of certification
  • Actively engaged and participating in WBE Canada events
  • Successful in landing corporate/government contracts

Most Improved Supplier Diversity Program

This category recognizes a WBE Canada Corporate Member that has made a distinct and describable difference in their Supplier Diversity Program.

The recipient of this award is an organization with measurable improvement to their procurement benefiting diverse suppliers

  • Organization must have membership with WBE Canada
  • Organization must track and report its diversity spend with WBEs to WBE Canada
  • Demonstrated measurable qualitative and/or quantitative improvement of its supplier diversity program YOY

WBE Leaders

This category recognizes certified women-owned businesses that are actively engaged with WBE Canada Community or our partner organizations.

The recipients significantly contribute to growth and support of other women-owned businesses in their region or industry. Four regions are identified: East, Quebec, Ontario, West

  • Individual who works for WBE Canada Certified Company
  • Actively involved in WBE Canada Programs, Projects, Committees OR in region or industry
  • Encourages others to participate in WBE Canada programs and initiatives actively contributing to WBE community engagement

WBE Canada Champion

This category recognizes an individual or organization who demonstrates commitment to supplier diversity in Canada, namely through referring new Corporate Members or WBEs to WBE Canada.

There is no nomination for this award as it is rewarded based on responses in Certification and Corporate membership applications.

  • Individual who referred most companies to WBE Canada
  • Tracked through applications processes between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020.

President’s Award

This category recognizes an individual or organization who has demonstrated significant contribution in supplier diversity benefiting or promoting Canadian women-owned businesses in 2020.

Every submission will be considered, however the award recipient will be selected by the President of WBE Canada.

  • Individual or organization who significantly contributed to the success of supplier diversity or growth of women owned businesses in Canada. Certification or Corporate Membership are not a requirement.
  • Selected by WBE Canada President