Media Partnership

Journalists from all across North America will be assembling at our virtual platform for WBE Canada 2020 Annual Conference. Will you be joining them?


WBE Canada’s Annual Conference is the leading event for corporate & government leaders, procurement professionals and women-owned businesses in Canada. This year’s conference will provide an upscale virtual experience featuring innovations in supply chains, success stories, best practices and top recommendations for the next decade.

We look forward to having you!


  • Free access to the entire conference - As a media representative, you will have free access to all the panels and sessions on both days, November 9-10, 2020. This will also include the Virtual Networking Party and WBE Canada’s 2020 Excellence Awards.
  • Exclusive interviews - We will help you in scheduling interviews with any of our speakers, women entrepreneurs, corporate and government representatives, supplier diversity and procurement professionals and more, during and after the conference
  • Networking opportunity - Since you will be part of our conference on both days, you will have ample opportunity to network and connect virtually with Canadian women entrepreneurs representatives from corporations and government organizations, procurement and supplier diversity professionals and like-minded journalists from across Canada.
  • Be a part of change - WBE Canada 2020 Annual Conference is a platform where we hear first hand success stories, stories of strength and courage and we witness change and the making of a brighter tomorrow for women-owned businesses in Canada. And that is why YOU should be there - to document, to share and to inspire.