Media Accreditation Policy

Media accreditation for WBE Canada’s 2020 Annual Conference is intended for journalists working for legitimate and suitable media outlets which would include – print media, broadcast media and online media. This can be validated by providing WBE Canada with proof of recently published work. Freelance journalists, podcasters or bloggers may be asked to demonstrate proof of assignment from an accredited media outlet and proof of coverage plans for the Annual Conference.

The purpose of media accreditation is for WBE Canada to provide working journalists with the tools required to report on the conference, its content and its participants. We will also provide, on request, accredited media with exclusive access to interview our conference speakers, panelists and women entrepreneurs. It is expected that media accreditation holders credit WBE Canada as their source for all images, articles and interviews.

Media accreditation will not be provided to marketing, advertising, or public relations firms, consultants or advisors, market researchers, brand content producers, employees of corporate content marketing or social media teams, as well as non-editorial employees of legitimate media outlets such as account managers, technical job roles and marketing or business development executives.

WBE Canada reserves the right to accept or reject any request for media credentials and will base such determination on the above mentioned criteria.