Lisa Bragg

Lisa Bragg

Lisa Bragg

Founder and CEO, MediaFace

Your Biggest Asset - Your Audience. Learn How to Deepen Your Connection

Forget the marketing funnel: the audience journey loop is the way to build a connected, engaged, and lasting audience for your brand. MediaFace CEO, Lisa Bragg, a consulting and content company, will walk attendees through the audience journey loop. teaching them to recognize opportunities for engagement and leverage existing and new content – at the right times – to deepen relationships with clients and consumers.

  • Find out what the audience journey loop is and how to adapt it for your own business
  • Avoid "look at me!" marketing tactics in favour of targeted strategies tailored to ideal audiences
  • Identify opportunities to interact with chosen audiences at each stage of the audience journey

Who is Lisa Bragg:

Lisa is the founder and CEO, of MediaFace, a consulting and content creation firm. Her expertise is in creating strategies that turn business problems into assets and complex ideas into engaging stories.

MediaFace is a two-time recipient of the Growth 500 Award, and Lisa has been honoured with the 2019 Enterprising Women of the Year Award.

Lisa's passion and drive built MediaFace into the full-service powerhouse it is today. Businesses of all sizes choose Lisa to be their trusted advisor, and MediaFace has produced award-winning content for corporate, not-for-profit and government clients.

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